A Good Power Grip

A Good Disc Golf Power Grip

When working on your disc golf drive, there is always an argument among the best grip among disc golf pros. The Power Grip is used by many on the tee with the backhand throwing style.

The Power Grip gives the player a very tight, controllable feel when used properly. It is also one of the more popular grips that you will see disc golf players using.

Golf disc placement in your hand is a key part when using this method to ensure that you have minimal problems during flight, while also getting the maximum amount of force out of your throw.

How to Get the Power Grip

1. The best way to establish this line is to hold your throwing arm out straight in front of your body parallel to the ground, with your palm open. Draw an imaginary line between your index and middle finger straight back to your wrist. You always want to keep the golf disc above this line when executing the Power Grip.

Now that the disc placement of the Power Grip is out of the way, you have to master your finger placement around the golf disc. There are a couple of variations of the Power Grip, but we will discuss one in detail, and as you learn more, you can adjust your personal style.

2. You want to make sure your thumb is firmly pressed flat on the soft spot of the disc, but as close to the edge as you can comfortably get it. Your other four fingers should be tucked inside the rim on the other side, with your index finger meeting your thumb through the golf disc’s plastic. If this is too uncomfortable, you can put your index finger under the edge of the golf disc with your other three fingers.

3. You should go for the tightest grip possible, while still keeping your wrist relatively loose. The tighter the grip, the better snap you will have. More snap on the golf disc results in more spin on the disc during its flight trajectory down the disc golf course.

In a nutshell, that is a summary of the Power Grip. We could go on and on about different variations, and what pro says what, but the best way to figure that out is to hit up your favorite disc golf shop, buy a couple of drivers, and practice, practice, practice!!!!

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