Disc Golf Accessories

Disc golf accessories are an integral part of your collection of disc golf equipment. There was a time when most people thought that all you needed in order to play disc golf was a disc and yourself. Well, those times have definitely changed. In addition to your discs, there are several other disc golf accessories that you’ll need in your bag.

Disc Golf Towels

Disc golf towels are a must, especially when you play in a park that has creeks and muddy spots. Odds are that you do play on a course such as this, because disc golf courses are almost always filled with creeks and some mud. Having a good micro-fiber disc golf towel will not only help you to keep your golf disc clean so you find it, but it will also help with your grip. This is a must if you want to maximize every shot and not have any “fliers” that get away from you. There are disc golf towels that are “dry” towels that are plain and just get the job done and there are also disc golf towels that will have your favorite disc golf brand logo or a sports team logo. Whatever kind of towel you are looking for or need, you can find it here!

Disc Golf Videos and Books

Disc golf videos and books are also a good way to get instructions are your technique and form. There are several quality instructional disc golf videos and books that can become a big help when are you trying to advance on the tournament circuit or just show up your friends at the course. Wanting to advance your arsenal of throws? Need to correct a bad habit or throwing technique? Need to get your game to the next level? Whatever your goal is, instructional videos and books can help put you over the top.

Disc Golf Minis

Disc golf minis are also becoming a popular disc golf accessory. A lot of disc golf minis are fun to play with recreationally, but they can also be decorative additions to your game room or office. There are many that are customizable or that have your favorite sports team’s logo on them which you can display for everyone to see.