Disc Golf Baskets

Disc golf baskets┬áhave been growing in popularity since they originated in the mid 1970’s. Disc golf baskets are considered the disc golf “holes” on each disc golf course. So…there are 18 disc golf baskets or targets on all full length disc golf courses. Disc golf baskets are also know as disc golf targets depending on the terminology used. Frisbee golf baskets or disc golf baskets are usually designed with an actual basket on a stand with chains extending up to the top of the basket. The goal is to get your disc to land anywhere in the disc golf basket. The chains are designed to catch the disc and give you an extended vertical target when throwing your disc. Disc golf baskets are an incredible asset for any disc golfer because they allow you to get a “real” disc golf experience in your backyard, game room, or even at a mini-course that you might be developing. Frisbee golf baskets also give you a chance to practice and work on your game without always heading out to the course. They give you some privacy and the ability to practice on a more consistent basis to help improve your game. For those of you who help maintain public courses, disc golf targets are a must once the ones you currently have get old or damaged due to weather.

Types of Baskets

Disc golf baskets are available in different sizes and have different functions depending on your needs and level of play. Disc golf targets usually refer to smaller disc golf baskets which give you the opportunity to work on your accuracy and aim. Professional or regulation size disc golf baskets are an exact replica of what you would see on most any disc golf course. These give you the ability to get valuable practice that will translate directly to your game out on an actual course. Portable disc golf baskets are also available for inside use, to carry on trips, or just to take out for a day at the park or the lake. Disc golf baskets are produced by some of the major disc golf manufacturers such as Innova, DGA, and Discraft. Whatever type of disc golf basket you are looking for, Disc Golf Shack is your go-to place to find it!