Disc Golf Common Courtesy

Disc Golf Common Courtesy

When you play disc golf, whether you play by yourself or with a group of friends, there is common courtesy that is expected of you and those around you. While many disc golf courses are free, this doesn’t mean that you should play the sport with any less reverence or respect than you would show any other kind of activity. So here are a few tips and points to think about when you’re out on the disc golf course.

Be Respectful of Other Players

When you’re on the golf course, there are likely going to be other players out there as well. Keep your voices down, don’t shout or scream, and be considerate of others as they take their shots.

Leave the Cell Phone Off

Nothing is more rude than playing a round of disc golf and constantly texting or answering a ringing phone. If you’re that important that you can’t have your phone off or away from you for any period of time, then perhaps you should just stay in your office all day. Unless you’re an emergency room doctor who is on call, or the President, then you’re not that important.

Keep Up the Pace of Play

You may not be the best disc golfer out there, but that doesn’t mean that people playing behind you should have to wait. And wait. And wait for you to finish each hole. If you’re playing slow, then allow faster players behind you to play through. If you find yourself behind a slow group, don’t throw into them being impatient. Instead, politely ask if you may play through. If they refuse and continue to hold up play, skip that hole, move to the next, and then come back to the one you skipped, or simply score your average for that hole.

Be Cordial

Disc golf should be fun. When you see other players on the course who may not have a strong understanding of the game, offer to give them some pointers or explain certain aspects of the game in a friendly manner. You could very well turn people trying it out onto this wonderful game for life.

If the Opportunity Arises, Invite Single Players In

If you have a group of two or three and you notice someone playing by himself or herself, invite them to play with your group. Often, it’s much more fun to play with a group than to go it alone. You could ultimately make a great new friend and playing partner for the future this way!

Ultimately, the entire idea of disc golf is to have fun. Make sure that you consider others’ experiences when you’re out on the course!

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