Golf Discs

Disc Golf Discs are perhaps the most essential part of your disc golf equipment. Distance drivers, fairway drivers, touch discs, putters, and mid-range discs are all available at your fingertips when you shop at Disc Golf Shack. Disc golf discs are also known as frisbee golf discs and are a basic necessity when hitting any disc golf course. Disc golf discs vary in color, function, and level of play.

What is the purpose of each type of disc golf disc?

Distance drivers can help you gain some ground on a longer hole, while fairway drivers provide more accuracy and keep you out of the dreaded wooded areas and creeks. Touch discs or approach discs give you great control as you approach the hole and allow you to maximize your chances of getting close to the basket. Mid-range discs are exactly that, discs for mid-range shots that are too long for a touch disc or putter, but too close for a driver. Mid-range disc golf discs give you an accurate, but lengthy option on longer holes increasing your chances for a birdie. Putters are thicker discs that give you incredible control and feel around the basket. Having a good short game in disc golf is crucial to shooting under par for your round. Quality putters are a must to cap off a great score on each hole. Innova golf discs are one of the most popular in the game today. Innova golf discs such as the beast, ace, and aero have really set the bar high in the frisbee golf disc market. Other brands such as Discraft, Gateway, Lightning, and Millenium are also producing some of the most high-performing golf discs on the disc golf circuit. Getting your disc golf disc collection started is your first priority in improving your game. Don’t have a full array of disc golf discs in your bag?… Let Disc Golf Shack equip you with all the frisbee golf discs you will ever need!