Disc Golf Midrange Tips

Disc golf approach secrets

Disc Golf Midrange Tips

Throw every shot firm. If you are slow and soft a consistent release will be more difficult. Shorten up and useless body rotation on shorter shots rather than throwing softer.

Don’t try to overpower midrange discs. Long throws with a midrange are achieved through finesse, quickness, and a solid finish instead of raw power. Too much strength will turn over midrange discs.

Aim just short and slightly to the right of your target (for right-handed throwers using the backhand throw). The disc will curl to the left and slide/skip a little. Play this knowledge to your advantage.

If the basket is outside of your realistic range, your goal should be to leave yourself an easy putt on your next shot. Although spectacular when it goes in, throwing hard at the chains from a long way out is an easy way to lose a stroke by leaving you with a difficult comeback putt.

Throw your slowest/shortest disc that can get you to your desired target. This is the same idea as hitting a full 9-iron against a short 5-iron. Slower and shorter discs are more accurate than longer, faster discs. Use whatever can get you there with the most consistency and accuracy (this will often be your putter).

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