Disc Golf Putting Tips

Disc golf putting secrets

Disc Golf Putting Tips

Try to putt with the disc flat or nose down and go for a lofting up and down arcing flight path. This line has advantages over a straight, direct putt in that it can reduce the fly-by distance if you miss.

Learn to play the wind. Headwinds make the disc rise while tailwinds make the disc drop faster. Practicing your putt when it’s windy out will help you gauge the angles and trajectories you need for success in the wind.

Don’t try to muscle your putts. The power for a putt is generated by a weight shift forward. On longer putts try to get more of a weight shift. Your putting motion should be quick. Slower motions can be inconsistent and have a tendency to putt low if you are afraid of missing. You want a form that is consistent and that you can repeat again and again.

Use the spring of your fingers to your advantage. Springing your fingers off the disc (like throwing a dart) will give you a clean release and generate enough spin on the disc to keep it from wobbling.

Putt how you practice and practice how you putt. If you spend a lot of time lining up your putt and focusing when you throw around, do not rapid-fire putt during practice. If you prefer to rapid-fire putt during practice, do not spend too much time lining up your putt when you throw around. Putting differently will cause changes in your putting stroke between practice and the round. Know your putt and try to feel it with every throw.

Know when the smart play is to lay up. Long putts are great when they go in but can be a nightmare if you miss them. Play smart and know the right time to go for it.

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