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Disc Golf Shack is your one stop shop for all your disc golf equipment. Disc golf is a sport for all ages and skill levels. Whether you’re out to enjoy the weather and a nice walk or you’re on the tournament circuit…Disc Golf Shack can set you up with all the disc golf equipment you need! Disc golf, also known as frisbee golf, is a sport that is catching like wild fire because of its incredible outdoor environment and reasonable cost that is within everyone’s reach. Our goal is to provide you with every disc golf resource that you could ever need or desire. Our passion for disc golf spills over into disc golf discs and other disc golf equipment that we carry.

Disc Golf Discs

Disc Golf Shack specializes in providing you with top of the line disc golf brands including Innova, Millennium, Discraft, Gateway, and more. We want to make sure that you are prepared when you hit the course by providing you with the best disc golf brands out there. To play your best you need to have the best made products available. Disc Golf Shack is committed to providing you with all the major brands of frisbee golf discs and disc golf equipment. The disc golf discs that we carry are all made with excellence to help you perform at the highest level possible. Innova is a proven disc golf manufacturer that has helped many amateur and pro disc golfers improve their game. Millenium has been producing top quality disc golf discs and frisbee golf discs that will help you get more distance and accuracy on each throw you make at any disc golf course. Discraft is well known for the length they offer on your drives and the consistency they provide with all their disc golf equipment. Gateway has been a solid performer as well and is continuing to wow the disc golf community with its excellence by intimidating disc golf courses everywhere.

Frisbee Golf Discs

Drivers, putters, mid-range discs, bags, baskets and other disc golf products are all available at your finger tips when you shop at Disc Golf Shack. To be completely set up with your disc golf equipment, you need to have several disc golf discs in your bag at all times. You need at the very least a driver, mid-range disc, and putter. Some disc golf courses will require you to pull out all the stops to get under par in your round. You may even want to have a couple different drivers in your bag to tackle the toughest hole locations. A distance frisbee golf disc and an accurate or straight disc would be ideal to have in your bag to start you off with a good drive. Disc golf equipment is crucial to your game and may vary depending on the disc golf courses that you frequent. We want you to be fully prepared for any frisbee golf or disc golf challenge that may lay ahead.

Disc Golf Equipment and Courses

Disc golf courses can be found in almost every city and the majority are accessible at absolutely no cost. Having trouble locating a disc golf course? Our disc golf course directory can help you find a disc golf course near you! Disc golf courses vary in style from open courses with scattered trees which challenge your distance to trail style courses which challenge your accuracy and placement. There are usually quality disc golf courses in almost every town or city. Your local park may offer a disc golf course and if it doesn’t, check with the city authorities or park coordinators to see about installing one. Disc golf courses provide inexpensive or even free family fun as well as competitive disc golf tournaments that bring the community closer together.

Disc Golf Equipment and Courses

Whether you’re a pro, amateur, or casual disc golfer…Disc Golf Shack is here to supply you with everything you need to maximize your disc golf experience. With competitive prices and excellent service, Disc Golf Shack is the place to meet all your disc golf needs.