How To Become A PDGA Member

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How To Become A PDGA Member

The Professional Disc Golf Association is the governing body of the sport of disc golf. It oversees the majority disc golf tournaments, regulates the sport itself, holds national and world championships as well as a national tour of Pro tourneys tracks scores and stats for all current, registered members, and promotes the sport of disc golf (some say frisbee golf) around the nation and world.  In addition, with the annual membership, you will receive a subscription to Discgolfer Magazine which keeps you updated on everything disc golf.  It costs 50 bucks.  You will get a handful of goodies when you first sign up that includes an official Member Card, Lifetime Member Number, PDGA Logo Disc, PDGA Mini Marker w/ personalized Member Number, PDGA Sticker, and Rulebook. It’s well worth it.  You will also get to play all PDGA sanctioned tournaments at a discounted rate.  Plus, you should do it just ’cause.  Seriously, sign up.  Here’s how.

How to sign up!

Follow these easy steps:

  1. Go to
  2. Under the “Membership” tab, click on “Join & Renew”
  3. From here, you can choose to sign up online (easiest) or by phone or mail depending on your preference.  Here is a quick link to the online registration form:
  4. Choose your membership level, most will choose Amateur but if you are young enough, you can sign up as a Junior.  If you want to go Pro, pay the extra $25 and good luck!
  5. That’s it.  Complete the form and pay the man!  Congrats you are now a part of the Professional Disc Golf Association.

For tournaments and events in your area, go to the following link:

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