How To Disc Golf In The Wind

How To Disc Golf In The Wind

There are a lot of disc golf players that avoid those pesky windy days whenever possible. What a lot of them do not realize is that you can have a lot of fun on a windy disc golf course if you know what you are doing. This article will discuss three types of winds that you will encounter during a game, which side winds, tailwinds, and back winds. We will include some handy tips in regards to right-handed players, so if you are a lefty, just remember that everything is the opposite.

Disc Golf in Back Winds

With back winds, golf discs tend to make the disc fall short of its trajectory by beating it down. You have to compensate by throwing your discs higher than usual because they will eventually drop to the ground at a rapid rate.

This can be most challenging with putting, but with practice, you will be able to get it down. When putting, depending on the strength of the wind, throw your putter disc above your intended target and it should dropdown.

Most discs will also act more overstable in back winds, producing a stronger backhanded hyzer.

Disc Golf in Front Winds

Front winds or wind blowing in your face has a tendency to lift a golf disc up during its flight trajectory. You can adjust your throw by throwing at a lower angle on your release. Again, it will take practice with the arsenal in your disc golf bag to learn what angle to throw at with the different strengths of wind currents. Golf discs will be less stable in front winds, so a lot of players throw extremely overstable discs.

Disc Golf in Crosswinds

Crosswinds can go from left to right or the opposite direction. If possible, you should avoid hyzers and anhyzers, and throw your golf disc straight and hard to cut through the wind. If all disc golf courses had wide open, straight fairways, this would be very easy to rule to follow. However, that would be too easy!

Winds blowing in the direction from left to right will make a disc drop on a hyzer release. An anhyzer release will actually lift and carry to the right. Right to left winds produces the opposite effects for a right-handed player. They will make anhyzers drop to the ground very hard, and hyzer will lift and carried more than usual. Based on these characteristics you have to find out what works best for you out on the disc golf course.

Before every throw, you have to pay close attention to what direction the wind is going to improve your accuracy. This can be done easily by throwing a few blades of grass in the air to judge the direction.

Also, pay attention to the ground layout. If there are any hills or depressions, try to imagine how those course features will manipulate the wind as well.

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