How To Select The Right Putter

How To Select The Right Putter

When you begin playing disc golf, you want to be able to use the best discs that will give you the highest chances of being successful and scoring low. So how do you know which putter is right for you?

Know Your Level

The first step in selecting the right putter disc is to know your skill level. Disc putters are, for the most part, the most stable and maneuverable of all of the discs that you’ll carry with you. They are also going to travel the shortest distances. The reason for this is that stability and the ability to throw with accuracy becomes far more important than distance when you are within range of the hole.

When you are starting out, it can be tempting to go with the best putter as well as the best driver and mid-range discs, but you can actually do more harm than good. Stick with those putters that complement your level of play. As you improve, you can certainly upgrade to a more advanced putter.

What Are Your Tendencies?

When it comes to putting in disc golf, it’s a good idea to understand your basic mechanics of your throw. Are you inconsistent with your delivery? Or do you tend to throw straight, for the most part? If your throws are inconsistent, meaning your discs could go right or left at any given time, then you certainly want a putter that has the most stability and will fly straightest.

If, on the other hand, you tend to throw the discs straight, then you can opt for a more control-oriented disc. This means that you would be able to throw a curve with more accuracy, and get the right distance for your throw.

Different Conditions

When you are planning on selecting the right putter for your disc golf game, it’s also a good idea to understand the various conditions that you will be playing in. On colder days, the discs are going to move less and travel shorter distances than on warmer days. Also, windy conditions can wreak havoc on discs that have less balance.

Evaluate your game regularly and determine whether you need to make a change. It’s always useful to have a few different putters at home so that you can choose the right one for a particular course or day.

When you have the right putter, you’ll know it by your score. Have fun and throw straight!

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