Other Ways To Play Disc Golf

Other Ways To Play Disc Golf

When you play disc golf for a while, especially with good friends, sometimes you want to add some variety to your outings. Disc golf is exciting and fun every single time you go out and play, but once in a while, it can add some spice to your game and some friendly competition if you play various forms of it. Here are just a few ideas to help you discover new and exciting ways to play the game.

Match Play

As opposed to regular stroke play, each hole is played for a win or a ‘halve.’ The player that scores lowest for the hole wins that hole. If two or more players tie a hole, then it is considered ‘halved’ and isn’t counted by any player. Whoever wins the most holes over 18, wins the match. This is great for players who have some good holes, but also make costly errors on a few, as they aren’t penalized the stokes in the end.

Worst Shot

If you play doubles, then play ‘Worst Shot.’ With this version, four people play together per hole, but multiple players can all take part in the same game, just not playing all together. For this, each player is paired with a partner, or four people can be on the same team. All players on one team take their shots. Instead of playing the best shot of the group, they all play from the worst shot. Continue playing every hole in this fashion. It can make for some interesting matches.

Safari Disc Golf

Tired of starting at the same spot for a course you know too well? Try the ‘Safari’ challenge. Pick new, challenging starting points, such as behind obstacles or in the middle of some trees. By forcing that first shot to have to curve around obstructions, you change the entire makeup of the hole, causing each player to devise new and creative strategies to keep their score low.

Battle Disc Golf

When you play with a group, play your regular game. Whenever someone scores lower than everyone else on a given hole, he or she can remove a disc from an opponent’s bag. If you win a hole, you can choose to either remove a disc from your opponent or replace one you lost previously in your own. The only disc that can’t be removed is the putter.

Putter Challenge

Want a real challenge? Play a regular course with only your putter disc. This makes for some interesting strategy!

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