Throwing A Disc Golf Disc Side Arm

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Throwing With A Side Arm

The Side Arm golf disc throw comes easy for some disc golf players, and other times, beginner players will pull their hair out trying to master this throwing style. Either way, to improve your game, it is something you must learn and master if you ever want to get your disc to curve to the right on a distance drive to hit the chains like the pros.

Why is that you ask? Golf discs on the release, when thrown backhanded, will usually fade to the left at the end of their flights because of the rotation of the golf disc. You would throw the disc in a sidearm or forehanded motion to orient the golf disc in the air in the opposite direction when disc golf baskets lie to the right by changing the rotation of the disc. If you’re a left-hander, this rule would actually be the opposite.

The one grip that will be discussed in this article is where the index finger and middle finger are almost spread out in a tight peace sign shape underneath the golf disc.

You want to apply a large amount of pressure with your thumb for distance drives, and a lighter amount of pressure for midrange and approach shots.

To get that perfect sidearm throw, you want to keep your elbow into your side as much as you can when you are winding your arm back. On the release, you bring your arm straight across your body, keeping the golf disc as flat and straight as possible.

For more distance, it can also help to bring your wrist to a stop at the last second before the release. This technique also takes a lot of practice and can be very difficult too.

If you plan on practicing your sidearm for the first time, next time you go out on the disc golf course, you should do it standing before incorporating any kind of a run-up. Once you get the throwing technique down, you should work on the right run-up that works for you to achieve farther distances. Either way, just be prepared for your friends to laugh at you on your first few tries, but trust us, it will be worth it in the end.

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