What Is An Anhyzer Disc Golf Shot?

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What Is An Anhyzer Disc Golf Shot?

An anhyzer shot is when you manipulate a golf disc to fly in the same direction as its rotational spin. If you are a lefty, the golf disc will spin left and if you are right-handed, it will fade right. We will discuss this throw in regard to a right-hander, so if you are left-handed, just do the opposite.

This throw is very useful if you want to throw around obstacles that get between you and the glorious disc golf basket.

The Anhyzer Windup

The windup of an anhyzer can be executed in a number of different ways. You can either wind up like a regular throw, flicking your wrist right before the release point. You can also keep the nose of the golf disc pointed down to the ground, and while you are winding up, bring it the appropriate angle at the release.

Try both throwing methods, and see which one works out best for you. It is probably best to find a quiet disc golf course to practice this shot in because your shots will start off wild until you get the hang of it.

The Anhyzer Shot

To achieve a successful anhyzer shot, it is all about grip and release. Tuck all four fingers under the rim of the disc, and place your thumb on the edge of the golf disc. At the release, you want the disc to be tilted in the direction of whatever arm you are throwing with. Just remember to keep your golf disc level to your shoulder blade or lower, which can be difficult for players because it is such an awkward angle.

The “S” shot

You can also accomplish an “S” shot, also known as a Flex Shot, with an anhyzer throw. Just reach into your disc golf bag, and grab a very over stable disc. When anhyzering an overstable golf disc, it will tend to cut to the right at first, and slowly fade back to the left. This is known as an “S” shot and can be very useful to nail your disc golf target in a sticky situation.

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