What To Look For In A Disc Golf Bag

What To Look For In A Disc Golf Bag

When you’re shopping for a disc golf bag, you will find that there are plenty of options to choose from. It will ultimately come down to two factors when selecting the right one for you. First, what are your disc golf needs and second, what’s your personality?

Playing the Part

As with any sport, for some people looks are everything. There are beginner disc golfers who have the resources to afford all of the best discs and the top-of-the-line bag and prefer to look the part when on the course. For these golfers, they may not have the talent to back up their appearance, but that’s fine with them.

For others, they choose a simple backpack to carry their gear. They’re not into their appearance and some of these disc golfers actually prefer to look a bit less ‘polished’ as they believe that gives them an edge when they begin hitting chains and beating their more well-refined looking competition.

Why a Disc Golf Bag Matters

Disc golf bags are designed to hold your various discs in a manner that makes them easy to locate and remove. There are disc golfers who can have as many as eighteen, twenty, or even more discs in their bag, though certain sanctioned tournaments and events will only permit a specific number to be carried at any time.

The last thing any disc golfer wants to do is rummage through a cluttered bag for the right disc. This not only slows play down, but it can also take the player out of his or her rhythm. A decent disc golf bag will allow you to have everything organized and easy to find when you need it.

Also, you can store other items, such as towels for wiping off your discs, distance gauges, course maps, and even your scorecard.

What you should look for in a disc golf bag is size and efficiency. You don’t want to be carrying around everything you own in this bag. When you limit the size of your bag, you limit what you carry with you. Some disc golfers actually believe that lugging around twenty discs is important to their game. They may be right. For you, though, decide what you need and what is important to your disc golf game. Then you’ll know which disc golf bag will be ideal for you.

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